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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  September 28, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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the general agos assembly and asked them to draw a clear red line to stop iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. u.s. diplomacy can work. >> told the general assembly america wants to resolve this issue through diplomacy. we believe there is time and space to do so but that time is not unlimited. that's why the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> president obama has been criticized for not meeting with netanyahu face to face. the white house will most likely call the prime minister today. al did he doily workplace shooting in minnesota. a sign employee opening fire killing four people before turning the gun had beon himsel. neighbors heard the shots and ran out of their homes. >> i came out a neighbor lady was across from us she said did
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you hear something yeah, sounded like gun fire to me. sounded like gun fire. >> three are in critical condition right now. >> replacement nfl refs you thought they were in their they have a loaded hand gun in a woman's carryon bag. they noted the flight in new jersey realizing in full air the woman carried the weapon told authorities as soon as they landed. tsa's have no reason they missed the gun. police in michigan will be back at a home in roseville to dig up a driveway. that's where they believe union boss jimmie hoffa is buried. they will take soil samples to see if the body remain there is. hoffa was president of the international brotherhood of teamsters he went missing back
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in july of 1975. a heros like welcome for the return of the regular nfl refs. >> the crowd is showing unprecedented amounts of love before kickoff. >> the real refs back on the field for the first time this season ending the replacement ref debacle. fans giving the refs standing ovation when they took the field. the ravens beat the browns 28-16. that's your 5@5:00. >> the wheels are coming off the white house story on the attack in benghazi. fox news learned the obama administration knew within 24-hours that it was a terrorist attack. peter dos sigh h peter doocy has more for us. >> within one day intel forces told fox news the administration
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knew it was an attack. they sent susan rice out to say the attack was at the hands of an unruly mob. when asked about the 24-hour time line the secretary of defense dodged. >> a terrorist attack ignited as we determined the details of what took place there and how that attack took place that it was clear terrorist planned that attack. that's when i came to that conclusion. as to who was involved what specific groups were involved the investigation is ongoing. we will get some of the feedback from what happened at that location. >> according to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff there were broad signals an attack may have been in the works. >> there was a threat of
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intelligence reporting that groups in the environment in western correction in libya were seeking to coalesce. but there wasn't anything specific. >> despite the fact that four americans were is too unstable. the investigation hasn't started yet. it was clearly a terrorist attack why the administration refuses to say that. this president had deceited al qaeda. >> even though we haven't heard president obama publicly refer to the raid as a terrorist attack jay carney said yesterday
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on air force one he is the president's spokesman he referred to do it as a terrorist attack. everyone should know it is the president's position as well. back to you in new york. peter doocy, thank you. it is time to look at whose talking and the white house changing its tune at the consulate is what rudy giuliani is talking about this morning. >> he tells sean hannity he thinks the obama administration tried to to have up the attack. >> they had this narrative al qaeda is no longer a big threat. they never say fundamental terrorism. the president was moving on to asia he was going to declare this a vit great victory and an act of terror convened in their narrative. this isn't stupidity. i said this a while back i got heavily attacked for it. i spent a lot of time
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investigating coverups and conspiracies. this is a coverup a deliberate brat attempt to cover up the truth from a administration that wanted to make history. it involved the slaughter of four americans. maybe if they had been straight forward about this they could have quelled some of these demonstrations that took place afterwards that also did tremendous amount of damage. >> fox and friends will have a lot more on this at 8:00 a.m. today. make sure you tune into that. moving on to the economy a key issue in this presidential election as you know. that's what sean hannity is talking about with the dnc vice-chairman. he is pressing him on whether or not he thinks the president has been successful turning the economy around. >> how would you grade him on the economy? >> i would say this president must have a strong job of walking into a crisis. >> give me a grade. what's the grade?
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>> i would give if an a. i would say the it's incomplete we want to finish the job. you and i know this the president walked into a mess, right? let's stop and think about it. >> so did ronald reagan. reagan 8 percent growth in his presidency. >> we are not debating ronald reagan. >> he had a worse economy than oba obama. he said he was inheriting it but he hasn't fixed it. we are seeing economic growth we are heading toward a recession and it's getting worse. >> we told you this yesterday stay stuned for that. right now it is time for your first degree weather update with janice dean who has more on the storms in the northeast. we don't care because it is friday. >> we made it ladies we made it.
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>> great through the northeast back to the ohio valley. hit or miss showers through out the day today. nothing severe in the forecast. you want to carry your umbrella just in case. across portions of texas and arkansas and ohio valley. we are seeing showers and much needed rain. we are in a severe drought situation. severe weather lifted through colorado yesterday. a lot of wet weather across the nation today. north of it that is where we are seeing the cooler drier air. >> jay leno was doing a forecast with my voice. look at your morning travel real quick. boston we could see shower
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activity. new york shower and thunderstorm. call ahead if you are picking someone up or if you are head to go the airport yourself. memphis and dallas looking good this morning. light weather and light volume hopefully. >> and you are much cuter than jay leno. >> don't tell him that. >> thank you. >> okay. now to stories you can bank on this morning. facebook providing retail therapy. we are here to explain. >> facebook got almost a billion people into the on-line kit. letting customers buy real products on-line from eye glasses to sweets to starbucks and stereos new retail effort a shy rollout. only 100 ven tore dorrs at first. it will give a clue as extra as
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possible remember facebook sent out users using car soon sheets. >> campbell soup leaving california 700 jobs lost. >> they are pulling out of sacramento. it is the oldest campbell plan in the u.s. declining soup consumption. cans are being replaced by paper packaging. but it's a shot at the harsh business climate high taxes and evermore regulation. >> research saying fast food logos are turning on kid's brains. >> i love this. this is your brain and this is your brain on a big mac. researchers at two universities
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in missouri and the goenld arches found the pleasure centers of the brain fire up. no such response when they are showing nonfood logos. children ages 10-1460 food logos 60 nonfood logos. it increased activity in the regions of the brain appetite control. watch for the food police come out and say there ought to be a law to prevent that. we will see about that. my son is 7 he sees the golden arches he's hungry. dennis neil, fox nbusiness network. still couto come we have shocking details out of hollywood this morning. a tv star found dead after allegedly committing murder. >> why one mother found her son in harm's way. >> before we get a break now is a look at leno from last night. >> i love how the politicians
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capitalize in this thing. president obama said sometimes losing jobs can be a good thing. (laughter) [ giggling ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] [ laughing ] ♪
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>> 15 minutes after the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. julian assange in the legal category as al qaeda and the taliban. the harold says they classified him as enemies of the state. wikileaks can now be charged with communicating with the enemy. officials at the movie theater where accused gunman james holmes opened fire during the midnight screening of the dark neither asking three victims to drop their lawsuits. the movie goers claim there wasn't enough security. the theater argues employees are not trained law enforcement. 12 people were killed and dozens
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more injured. ainsley an actor best known for his stint on sons of anarchy is suspected of killing his landlord. >> it is a real life murder mystery of a hollywood star that has detectives searching for answers. he died tragically on the small screen passed away in real life. his name is johnny lewis known by many in the fx show sons of anarchy. he was found dead outside of his california home wednesday morning. >> we don't know whether he fell or committed suicide. he died as a result of a fall off of either the balcony or one of the roofs behind us. >> lewis is the loan suspect in the death of 81-year-old katherine davis. davis was his land lady. she suffered major dratrauma an may have been bludgeoned to death. her body was found in her bedroom.
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>> i can't believe that would happen to that poor women. she was the nicest, sweetest, happiest person i have ever met. >> the 28-year-old actor was no stranger to trouble. lewis was facing felony assault with a deadly weapon and second degree burglary charges from two different cases. he was sentenced to jail but was released. he was enrolled in a drug alcohol and psychiatric program. because of the circumstances of his death investigators are checking whether lewis had mental health issues or perhaps was on drugs. >> new drugs come out all of the time. young people try new drugs all of the time. that's one of the things detectives are going to look into. >> his career spanned more than a decade but mainly small parts. his role on sons of anarchy lasted 2 seasons. 18 after the hour. most of us don't even bother but you might want to check the trunk of your next rental car after you hear the next story.
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the scare. voter registration declining since the last presidential election. who benefits after the race for the white house.
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22 after the hour. a big scare for an east texas mother. she finds her 1-year-old son playing with a gun. she found it in their rental car. she told enterprise what happened. the manager also found another gun in another car on the lock. it is not known if either gun was loaded. a convicted killer who
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escaped from a north carolina prison has been caught. james lad was found after five days on the lamb in the garage of a home about 10 miles away from the prison. he survived on eating acorns and came out to drink water. as fox news' correspondent doug mckelly reports the size of that advantage may be changing. >> don't boo, vote. don't boo, vote. don't boo, vote. >> that repeated call to get out the vote leads to a per sip to us decline in some swing states. voter registration is down 490,000 people from four years ago. 44 percent of that reduction is in cleveland and surrounding counties where democrats out number republicans 2-1. >> we are seeing a lot of spin and hype on the part of the obama campaign to try to make it
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appear that they are going to cruise to victory in ohio. more than 350,000 of those voters are the decrease in the roles in the three largest counties. an august study of the think tank third way found the voter registration declined out numbers the republican decline by a 10-1 margin. voter registration is down 4.9 percent. iowa down 9.5 percent. in new hampshire 19.7 percent. you can only elect the first african american in this country once. it has been framed some result of republican efforts to suppress the vote. ohio republican secretary of state categorically rejects. >> it has to do with -- they can't woipoint to one voter whos
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been on the polls. >> there are about half a million more independents now than there were just four years ago. >> it is difficult to draw conclusions about how independents leave. independents are not a stable voting block at all. it will tame president to make thinking difficult. doug mcelway, fox news. 25 after the hour. coming up this image sparking a major uproar. a little kid photographed doing what appear to bes a keg stand at a major football game. shocking details coming up. >> while the irs are trying to crack down on dead beat taxpayers might not have to go further than the furthest zip code. bob...
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sx sxhe>> a new survey shows how much time we waste. we miss 7 minutes in line. 20 minutes airport security. 4 years when obama talks about the economy. we wasted allotted of time. >> welcome back to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am patti ann browne. it is 29 minutes after the hour.
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it is time for your 5@5:30. the top five stories making news at this hour. the inspector general for tax administration reveals 70 federal agencies owe a whopping $14 million in unpaid taxes as of the end of 2011. 40 of those delinquencies have been open for 3 years they equal 2 w $2.6 million. they are exempt from federal income taxes they have to turn over social security and medicare. >> a tragic end for a missing northwestern student as his body is found in a harbor near the school's chicago campus. the 18-year-old was last seen leaving a party last weekend but never ended up back in his dorm room. the pre-med student had recently been diagnosed with diabetes and could become disoriented when he doesn't take his medication. cops don't think foul play was involved in the teen's death. this photo drawing major red
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flags. as you can see it appears this baby is doing a keg stand during a tailgate party during a football game. one witness did not think it was funny and posted the picture to the web site the where it started making the rounds. they are not sure if the child was actually drinking beer. the parents represent bide an attorney said it was staged. >> many breakdown terrified passengers on a flight to las vegas. >> you probably remember that. 34 passengers suing jet blue for $102 million saying clayton osborn's rant caused anxiety and fear. he was also screaming the plane was never going to make it to vegas. the pilot made an emergency landing in texas. take a look at this. the strongest evidence of water. that might mean life on mars. these pictures were sent back to
2:31 am
earth from the curiosity rover. it appears to be an ancient stream bed. nasa estimates the stream would have been 25 miles long and waist deep. the pebbles are all over which would indicate a fast moving stream. that's your 5@5:30. >> we are fewer than 40 days away from the presidential election. can you believe it in brand new fox news polls showing the race very much still up for grabs at this point. >> good morning, doug. happy friday. >> happy friday to you as well. we are talking likely voters here in this poll. this is how the numbers are breaking down overall. you see the president here up 5 points among likely voters national among mitt romney. that has been consistent early accepted on through. they lept the coast convention bounce we got. see the numbers before the convention here. one point difference. all of this as the president
2:32 am
fine tunes his message on the economy. it is time for a new economic patriotism. >> it won't be easy it is down at least 1.3 percent. the president and mitt romney are essentially tied on that critical question handling the economy. a mrurality. >> at thats commitment by a
2:33 am
trillion dollars during the decade is unthinkable and devastating. >> ballooning national debt orator rest attack by wide margin. it is a lead in some of those take a look at government spending. that's where mitt romney has a very big league 58-38 percent. back to you guys. >> interesting numbers. we could keep that up there for a while. >> look whose talking is what bill clinton is talking about. talking point memo bill o'reilly discusses why like ability is so important and debates are going to be crucial for both
2:34 am
candidates. >> there are two kinds of voters in america those who know what the issues are those who don't. for the uninformed casual voert emotion drives the decision and part of that equation is like ability. many historians belief ronald reagan defeated jimmy carter because he came across as likeable while carter was distant. same thing with clinton and the younger clinton had like ability. the younger remain personally popular until the resignificance kicked in. right now in a popularity poll president obama is ahead of mitt rom flee by 3 points according to a new fox news survey. after the debates that could change dramatically. romney and obama realize they must seem like the nice guy that's why they go on entertainment programs. they shouldn't be dealing with trivia but they do what they
2:35 am
think they have to do. talking points understands that americans want their leaders to be accessible. they want to know that powerful people understand them. that is why the president's campaign has spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to demonize governor romney as the callous rich guy. no one knows how many american voters are basically voting on wins. the group is substantial especially in a time when social media is diverting attention away from issues. >> the first debate is coming up on wednesday october 3rdrd. it starts at 8:55 p.m. from megan kelly and bret baier live from denver. >> before you leave the house this morning let's get the first degree weather update janice dean tracking the storms across the northeast. >> if you live in the northeast hit or miss showers. if you are heading to the
2:36 am
airport if you are traveling take it real easy because we are going to see potential for showers and thunderstorms. not looking for severe weather today. could see wet weather in our forecast. speaking of the rest of the country we have a little bit of wet weather moving into the northwest. we have severe weather push through reports of tornadoes. we are looking for wet weather through texas and the ohio river valley. we will see flash flooding through the area. keep an eye to the sky. across the ohio river valley across northeast back through the central plains and back into the southern plains as well. wet weather for you from dc up toward new york city and boston. but the weekend looks pretty good. that's the good news. a quick look at the highs today 67 in chicago. that's the boundary you can see south of that. there is warm air where it feels like summertime.
2:37 am
heat building across the northern plains. southwest very warm. quick look at the travel forecast. boston you could see a few showers and atlanta as well as dallas. so of course if you are traveling call ahead and check your air carrier. back to you. >> janice dean, thank you. janice, it is time to entertain this. we all love a baby. right. reese witherspoon welcoming her baby boy into the world. the oscar winning actress and talent agent husband jim toe named their child tennessee james. this is the couple's first child together. it has been a rocky ride the last few months for amanda bynes. lawyers for the actress pleaded not guilty for two counts of hit and run. she has been faced with two charges of driving suspended license this week and drunk driving charge from april. it has been almost one year since vinn demi moore caught
2:38 am
ashton kutcher cheating. they are still married. neither one filed for divorce. the couple's wedding might actually have been a symbolic ceremony and not a legal marriage. >> now for your starting lineup a roundup of sports stories making headlines at this hour. the real refs finally back on the field for the nfl ravens, browns game. the ravens taking an early lead. talk about déjà vu with seconds left the browns go for a hail mary just like seattle against the packers. the ravens get called for a personal foul so he gets another shot this time it goes out of the end zone. ravens win 23-16. dickey becoming the first knuckle baller since 1980 to win 20 games in the season. it is the first pitcher on a sub 500 team to hit a milestone with roger clemens in toronto in 97. talk about not wasting any time
2:39 am
a youth shocker player in serbia scoring kickoff. the goalkeeper caught totally off guard. it goes over his head into the net. >> it is now 39 after the hour. coming up a disturbing analysis. if you use the latest rankings to choose the hospital you are going to why the numbers might not always add up. >> more than one mona lisa or is this first draft of the famous painting? the answer as we go spanning the globe next. [ male announcer ] what if you had thermal night-vision goggles,
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>> it is now 43 after the hour. let's span the globe to see what is happening overseas.
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one person killed 6 others injured after the plane flew over a marketplace dropping 6 bombs. >> jesus did not have a wife. it contained writings in which he refers to mary as his wife. >> the world has two mona lisas. take a look. these are the portraits. they say years of research proves leonardo da vinci painted two of lisa. one appears to be in her 20s one in her 30s. the older masterpiece is the one hanging in the lube. >> i have seen it. have you? >> the numbers aren't adding up. here to explain is robert gray from fox business network. >> a lot of people look to these magazines and other folks who find out where to go if they are
2:44 am
looking for healthcare. 40 percent use the ratings to choose their hospital there are 15 or more groups not to mention the web sites and magazines in local locations for cities across the state. what is happening is a hospital can top one list but be unranked or get bad rankings. reputation risk is at stake for a lot of these healthcare activities they don't like it as much as consumers do. maybe you are looking for one specialty hospital. they are better for using life threatening illnesses. u.s. news & world report saying ranking from everything to colleges and hospitals they have been doing it for two decades. they met with hospital executives to discuss what they are doing to prove it.
2:45 am
number 14 on u.s. news consumer reports ranks them as a poor performer. it really looked beyond the headlines. look at the top 20 list do your homework. >> those can be very deceptive. fox business network. quarter to the top of the hour. not the way you want to start the honeymoon filling out a police report. how one couple went from newlywed to victims. trying to get 20 things as you head out the door this morning? we can help you out. we have five products to help you get out of the house quicker. but right now let's check in with brian kilmeade and see what's coming up on "fox & friends"." >> great show as usual. we hope to have the same vote for the next three hours. that's his hand. remember the thing from the adams family? he loved the show as well. in black-and-white. i don't know why they didn't use color. bob woodward on, as you read his book we find out the other
2:46 am
similarities about president obama who may think the white house is running smoothly. talking with geraldo rivera at what is happening and what mitt romney can do to close the glap in three districts but can't get on top of the polls. we are going to be going over the results as we lead up to the debate on october 3rd and preview the weekend's action. all coming up on "fox & friends". don't miss it. ♪ leaving my homeland
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>> $800,000 the tennessee woman says she was sitting in the front row of the plane which did not have a tray. she spilled hot water in her lap when trying to put her tea bag in. a woman in ohio was killed by her pet llama. the baby doll was running to greet the 374-year-old when the llama slid on wet grass knocking the woman down. she hit her head on the concrete but was able to help. she died after suffering a heart attack on the way to the hospital. >> thanks patti ann. as you were rushing to get out of your house this morning you feel like you don't have enough time we are here to help save the day for you. we have five products that will help get you out the door a little faster. joining us now is lifestyle expert and creator of young married chris shoals. good to see you, chris. >> good morning. >> tell us what you have to make our lives easier in the morning. >> i am always rushing out the door in the morning and i never
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have time to figure out the crazy complicated espresso machine i have sitting on my counter. starting out with this machine you can get so easy. they come with latte pods, espresso pods. you just pop it in, shut this, hopefully, and hit the button here. >> so much easier. >> done you don't have to stop at starbucks. >> look how fast. that's pretty quick. my little machine at home takes a few minutes. >> it takes a rocket scientist to figure out how to grind beans. i don't have time for that. >> remember when we were growing up moms made the big pot of coffee? no longer. >> what else do you have? >> we have a -- bella makes a fantastic tiny blender. basically you throw everything in the cup here. turn it, make your morning smoothie and then you can actually flip the cup over put the top on and take it with you. >> take it with you. right out the door. >> doesn't it chop vegetables
2:52 am
and other things? >> chops, grinds the espresso beans we no longer need any more because of our machine. it comes with 12 different attachments. it's a great little machine. it doesn't take up too much space on your counter. >> i feel like more people are doing smoothies this day and age. >> take it to go you have to in the car. with these tops you don't have to worry about it spilling all over the place. >> how much is that one? >> the coffee machine is 199. if you make your coffee at home every day you are saving so much money. >> what about this one? >> you can find it for 29.99 it comes with the 12 pieces. >> i understand for all of you men out there she has a product that will make your life easier, too. >> if you have sooch stutoo muc for a guy in the shower they don't want to deal with it. they make this hair and body wash. it's everything in one.
2:53 am
it is actually -- it has all of these sdrifrnts cents in it. it is invigorating. >> matthew want to smell it? >> the cap is still on. >> i can't smell a thing. >> for all of these other women. >> you need to bunch a few things in the bag as you are getting ready to go. they have a foundation and concealer. >> we love this. patti ann you have to look at this. >> it comes with the mirror in the cap here and then it has the foundation, the concealer and it comes with a brush. >> that is such a great invention all in one. >> throw the whole kit in your purse. >> done touch ups during the day. my favorite item is the goody quick style brush looks a little crazy but it has these little terri cloth things in here it cuts down on 30 percent of the moisture in your air so while you are brushing your hair it's
2:54 am
cutting down on the moisture which cuts down on glow drying time as you are blow drying it. >> that can save a lot of time. >> it is only $11 you can find it at target. it is a great product that does everything. >> good deal. thank you so much for making our lives a little easier this morning. it is now 6 minutes to the top of the hour. t it's like a scene out of a cartoon. this squirrel creating mayhem in the kitchen. part of the good, the bad, the ugly. if you figure out the word at the bottom of the screen? it has a q in it. stick around for the answer. with the spark cash card from capital one, olaf's pizza palace gets the most rewards of any small business crit card! pizza!!!!!
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two minutes until the top of the hour. we look at the good, the bad and ugly. folks in australia are raising adorable cats to protect the species from ex. the little devils will be released in the wild. on the wedding night he's stealing moan for -- money . >> and squiril caught on camera. the animal managing to pull off an amazing escape and flying out of the window . don't worry, if you are an animal lovers, he is okay. >> eric is here. >> really with a squiril
2:59 am
running through the apartment and out of the wippedo. he needs more time. can i buy a vowel. >> squiril. >> what a treat to have you on this morning. give briknow a hard time for us. fox and friends starts right now. >> gretchen: thought that was my job, giving brian a hard time. >> brian: hand me your resume and i will look. >> gretchen: tgif. it is september 23th i am gretchen carlson . have a great weekend. did the white house have something to hide? the administration may have misled the public on the terrorist attack in libya . we'll break it down. >> and polls show president ahead. there is an assterisk near the


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